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New Year and Many Updates: I am going to make 2018 Great!

Hi Everyone,

It has been a year since I have updated this page. Many things have happened. I am still in the thesis phrase of my Masters and really trying to finish it this year. It has been an arduous journey.

It started with illness in which I was very sick and got vertigo twice in a month. I suffered from anxiety and depression and then my health began to decline. I took a break from school to deal with my health, in which I subsequently change jobs and careers. This saved my life and I was rejuvenated and ready to finish this program. Then, my mother suffered a stroke in August 2015. I had already delayed school and thought I would be able to handle taking care of her and completing school. I managed to finish two quarters; however, struggled with the last quarter, prompting a withdrawal from the quarter. It had become overwhelming. On top of my other illnesses, my sister (younger) suffers from a sevevre mental illness. I have committed her to hospitals during manic episodes and have tried to get her into rehabs (she self-medicates through drugs and alcohol) and programs to stabilize her. My grandparents were helping; however, began to have relationship problems resulting in my grandmother leaving my grandfather in June 2016.

My life has always had some family drama but this was a breaking point and I just couldn’t hold it together. Working full time, going to school, maintaining my relationship, and taking care my crazy family, was just too much!

My grandmother took my mother with her to Florida to visit relatives, after she left my grandfather. A part of me was relieved because I would finally have help and would be able to complete school, thus having the focus to properly take care of my sister; however, this was not the case. My mother and grandmother got in a terrible car accident in Florence, South Carolina. This all happened in June 2016.

Eventually, they ended up completing their journey to Florida to stay with relatives. However, these relatives did not have the best intentions. I flew to Florida several times to check on my grandmother and mother. Navigating through Medicare, Medicaid, insurance, attorneys, and maintaining complicating relationships in order to protect my grandmother and mother, I was exhausted and unable to focus on myself. I gave up on trying to complete school and my dreams.

While in Flordia my mother suffered a seizure and my grandmother broke her hip. My cousin had been manipulative and withholding information causing more problems and tensions. Eventually, I flew down in December 2016 and flew back with both my mother and grandmother. It was a crazy day because I flew 3600 miles in one day. It was the first time my grandmother and mother have ever been on a plane but I was so happy to finally have them back but I knew my life was going to be harder.

It is still hard… but things are better, I was able to get services and my mother in a facility. I also recognized that my mother has mental health and brain injuries due to the accident and the stroke; It is hard because it is just me.

Meanwhile, I am trying to finish school and move forward in my career. I realized that shit will always be there and always happen. There is no perfect time and I can’t keep delaying my dreams. It is hard because I will be 32 next week (I know I started this blog when I was 25) and I feel like I have not moved in the past 5 years. It plays on the insecurities I have and the feeling a being a failure. I know I am not a failure and I know that society cannot dictate the “right time” where I should be in my life…but it is still there. That feeling of you could and should do better. One day, this inner voice won’t be so loud and I will be able to enjoy where I am in life.

Despite the setbacks, the family, and my own mental health, I am hopeful for 2018! I have already reached out to my academic advisor and know that I can finish by March 2018. It is just a matter of staying focus and motivated! Although I feel I have struggled over the past 5 years, I had done a lot to increase my reputation in the art world and found other arts administrators like myself to look up too. I am back! I will continue to write for this blog because I hope it will help someone and provide encouragement when everything seems to fall apart. I am not perfect nor will I ever be, but I am determined! Thank you for sticking with on this crazy journey!


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Latest Research Shows Why Minorities Are ‘Beyond Broke’ As Racial Wealth Gap Persists And Threatens U.S. Economic Security

Latest Research Shows Why Minorities Are ‘Beyond Broke’ As Racial Wealth Gap Persists And Threatens U.S. Economic Security

Curious to see if the research expansion will include wealth statistics by levels of education. That would be an interesting comparison. As a person of color with a degree, I would probably be considered working class (or working poverty) and definitely lumped into the percentage of not having any liquidated assets.


Experts Recommend New Savings and Housing Proposals to Stem Inequality as They Prepare for Summit at U.S. Capitol

Screen-Shot-2014-04-28-at-4.49.23-PMWASHINGTON, April 29, 2014—New analysis of 2011 Census data reveals an acute racial and ethnic wealth gap that is causing a group of leading experts to call for important policy and regulatory changes. In the recovery period following the Great Recession, the average African American and Latino household still owns only six and seven cents respectively for every one dollar in wealth held by the typical white family, an increase of a penny per group since 2009.

The gap is especially noticeable when it comes to access to immediate cash. Over two-thirds of African Americans (67 percent) and nearly three-fourths of Latinos (71 percent), but only one-third of whites (34 percent), are considered “liquid asset poor”, meaning that they do not have cash or assets readily converted into cash that will cover…

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Black Female Voice

I have been on my black feminism kick for a minute now. I am in this mind state maybe because of the world or maybe because it’s time to weigh-in on black issues or really, world issues. I think different perspectives provides us with education. I love these women and I think this was an interesting discussion. I think as people (regardless of race) have a narrative that need to be shared. I think that we need to figure out how to shape this information and provide this dialogue for change. I like that… Dialogue for Change. Watch this great discussion with these two women.

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Reflections on Afrofuturism & STEAM at SMiH

Here is another piece from the same blog. Last semester, we discuss the impact of STEAM and art advocating. It prompted many papers and debates about the importance of art in education and in general. I think this adds to the discussion and take the topic to the next level. Examine the information presented as well as the sources. My paper/letter* about the program initiative STEAM is below as well for more information. But what are your thoughts on this movement as well as the STEAM project?


* Dear Representative Harris,

What is art? According to Merriam Webster Dictionary, art is defined as “something that is created with imagination and skill and that is beautiful or that expresses important ideas or feelings.” When the arts are removed from our educational system, we lose these valuable skills and take away a child’s opportunity and dreams. Art saved my life; without it, I would not have been able to obtain my dreams. As your constituent, I call on you to support the success of all students by strengthening arts education in the reauthorizing of the Elementary & Secondary Education Act.

The Elementary & Secondary Education Act (ESEA) AKA “No Child Left Behind Act,” was a temporary solution enacted by the Bush Administration in 2001 to address the education crisis of this country. The Lyndon B. Johnson Administration first enacted the ESEA in 1965, as a campaign to combat the “War on Poverty.” The act was later amended in 1994, with the premise of higher standards for children, more community, family, teacher interactions, and resources targeting the areas of the “greatest needs.” This brings the education debate to 2013 with Representative George Miller’s Amendment to the H.R.5.  I request from you, Representative Harris that you support the following provision proposed by Representative Miller:

1) Demand clarification of the allowable uses from Title I funds, for disadvantaged students to use in all core academic subjects, including art education;

2) Guarantee that struggling schools could have greater flexibility with the arts as a turnaround strategy for schools labeled as failing;

3) Include specified support for art education grants in a well-rounded curriculum fund in the U.S. Department of Education;

4) Add art and design into the definition of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) program activities, helping to turn STEM into STEAM;

5) Designate the arts as an eligible activity for schools that are seeking expanded learning time (ELT) for their school day.

In addition, I urge that you to strengthen access to learning in the arts by supporting $30 million in funding for the Arts in Education program and reject the effort to terminate this program in the FY14 Labor-HHS-Education appropriations bill.

Why are the arts important for our children?  If not for the arts, I would not be writing this letter. I was born and raised in the inner city of Philadelphia. I grew up in a single parent home and below the poverty line. In my senior year of high school, I was homeless and was motivated to stay in school because of music. I learned to play the flute in the fourth grade at Rowen Elementary public school. Music allowed me to escape from my surrounding and nurtured my dream of getting out of poverty. I stand as a college graduate, current graduate student, and an artist, due to the encouragement and motivations of my art teachers and art. Art saved my life; without it I would not be the successful, well-rounded person I am today. Please support the Arts and the future of our children!*

Renegade Futurism

The so called fine artist realizes, those of us who have freed ourselves, that our creations need not emulate the white man’s, but it is time the engineers, architects, chemists, electronics craftsmen, i.e. film too, radio, sound, etc., that learning western technology must not be the end of our understanding of the particular discipline we’re involved in. Most of that west shaped information is like mud and sand when you’re panning for gold! –Amiri Baraka, “Technology & Ethos” in Amistad 2, 1970

Last Thursday I moderated an artist panel at The Studio Museum in Harlem. My rationale for moderating Enlightenment, Strange Mathematics and Rhythmic Equations was two-fold. The first objective was to place contemporary, interdisciplinary artists in dialogue around the idiosyncratic notions of Sun Ra and other pioneers of afrofuturism, a framework for freedom of expression.

Tasked to reflect on afrofuturism in Africa Tegan Bristow writes, “The…

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Sound Cool, huh? Well it is. After reading this article, I feel like my growing feelings for the future are justified. I think I have gotten to the point where, it is much bigger than race. With that said, I don’t mean to be ignorant towards race. It’s time to embrace and re-define race. Differences is what makes use unique. Embracing different what makes us strong and change for the better. I think this movement is about moving forward, together. It a step closer to world peace, who knows maybe we will get to the star trek ideology, in which money doesn’t matter and that we do things to advance or better humanity. Who knows? But I know, I want to be a part of the solution and not the problem. Or maybe I should rephrase, be a part of change from this system! Also watch a clip about race relations and the notice of black vs. African-American. I think they are interesting perspective on the identity of people of color.  Read the article and tell me what ya think.

P.s the last clips of awesome black kids metal band!!! And Sadly this show, is being cancel!!! 😦 one of the best late night talk shows and platforms taking off the air for no reason. It was so good!!! I am outraged by this!!! Show support for W. Kamau Bell!!


P.P.S: Here is an art exhibition on the topic. Super interesting!


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Dangerous Times Ahead (non Art related)

Normally, I try to stay politically neutral on social medias and what not; however, my own silence is killing me. I live in Philadelphia PA and on Friday the city just laid off almost 4,000 school employees, not to mention the closure of a least 23 school next year. All in poor neighborhood and mostly populated by black people. Philadelphia is one of the most segregated cities in this country. It’s separated by class and race… it is the saddest oppressive city I have seen. There are pockets of “equality” in the city; however, class plays a role into those models. What kind of messages are we sending to our children? What kind of message are we sending to the world? What is the American Dream anymore?


I went to public school from elementary to high school, then went to college to pursue the notion of getting out of poverty only to feel cheated out the “American Dream.” I sat by (as did you) and watch as corruption unfolded; bail out and bullshit deals made to protect these assholes, these thieves and corporate pushers. Meanwhile, I am making 30,000 salary but can afford to eat and pay bills or even living the bare minimum lifestyle because of the inflation in standard living. Shit keeps costing more and more, but I am still making the same as if it were the 90s (come on now). This is ridicules! Millions of Students came of out college from 2007-2012 in the worst economic times EVER… unable to find jobs and panicking on how to survive and paying a mound of loans, that want you to pay 500 a month, when you make 7 dollars an hour… that don’t give a fuck if your sick, unemployed, hungry, or even dead… they just want their money!!! on Time! Where is this American Dream that people die everyday to get here for, that people fought so hard to maintain, that we are so proud to exploit to the world? Where is that dream? I am an American, BORN here, and I have never experience this DREAM? Nightmares maybe…

On top of that a building collapsed in center city and L&I have been found partially the blame. What the media will not tell you that this is not the first time that L&I have made this horrible mistakes or lied about inspections or allowed a building to fall apart due to negligence and corruptions. I have been a victim of L&I and almost lost my life because of an inspections that never took place. The only reason why it’s got so much attention was because of the location. If it was in the heart of the worst ghetto in the city it would have been a blurb on the 11 pm news. Is this where our society/world is headed? Murdering for profit. I am so frustrated!! So Frustrated!!! I want to go to grad school, I enjoy learning… but in this country you have to accept that you will always be in debt and may always live in poverty. So what am I going to Grad School for? I am really loosing site of why I want to go to grad school. My original reason was to change my career because I am dissatisfied with my current path. I also want to be able to make more money to change my social-economical status. Now it seems like that may be unattainable… not sure, still questioning…

This morning, I hear about whistle-blower from NSA about American’s surveillance and where our cyber/world future is headed. All I have to say is WOW. I am shocked!! Truly shocked that this made it on the news and in main stream media. I am also stunned as too how to deal with this emotion that I feel… Anger. I am Angry… yet I don’t know what to do. I guess I am still working out how to stand up for my rights and my future… correction OUR future. I am tired of being silent and feeling hopeless because of how the world is changing for the worst. I think it’s time to take back some control! I know some of you may disagree… which is fine!! I just want a dialogue of these issues… BIG issues in our society openly discussed, explored, and researched. Bring back the true meaning of Democracy. Please read about these issues with our privacy and the horrific patriot act (which I knew at 17, when is was proposed into law, that this was the death of democracy and America). Make your own decisions…. (political rant over). 🙂

And for humor purposes but something to think about:

Remember we coming up in a dangerous time…


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