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The Time has Come… Finally

It finally happened! I got a full-time position in the arts. I am super happy, blessed, and excited. In my last post, I talked about finding passion and pushing forward, well this has paid off. I will be starting my new position on 1/12/15. I am the new Branch Coordinator for Settlement Music School in Philadelphia. I grew up with Settlement being a household name due to being a musician and a huge music geek. Now, I have the ability to create more musicians and artists for the world. I am super happy and excited! This year I will be turning 29, which is look very good. I started this blog at 25 when I was at a crossroads in life and really wanted to get back to what made me feel whole… the arts. After four years, my journey continues in an upward position.

As far as school, I am even more motivated to finish and continue my professional development. This winter quarter, I decided to take a break and re-group as well as really focus on my thesis goal/purpose. Drexel has a wonderful art administration program online and campus. Their staff is amazing and they continue to improve. Although, I have had two classes that were not as helpful; however, these class were educational and provided real life learning experience to provide a balance view of the arts. I have grown as a student, researcher, and person in this program. I definitely recommended this program if you are considering a masters/career in the arts. I am super ecstatic for the spring semester and the completion of the program.

So happy NEW YEAR!!! I hope this year, you find peace, happiness, and your passion! I will keep you posted on updates and well as the restructuring of this blog, which will focus on creativity, goals, and professional development.


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OH WOW!!! It’s 2014!!

WOW!!! It’s 2014!!! Back to the Future II was based on Marty returning to 2015…. CRAZY!!! One more year and still no flying cars, no trash powered vehicles, or hover boards!!!!! But we still have one more year! so let’s see what happens..

Classes for winter semester starts on 1/6/14. Super excited and terrified at the same time. I just received an email from my professor of one class, which included the syllabus. I have a lot of reading to do! This is why I wanted to write this post because it will probably be a long time before my next one. This year, I plan to make changes both internally and externally. Time to stop being so negative and pessimistic. I am not going to go into detail on my transformation but… this is my year! šŸ™‚

As was discussed in November 2013, black feminism and self-confidence are topics that I would like to explore this year. I think that art evoke and inspired these topics. I think there is a debate brewing; however, no one is ready to explore it. I will attempt to get the conversation started.

This is an introduction to these topics. I will also try to find the interconnections to art as well as tackle the taboo subjects these topics. I guess this also another commentary of my feelings on, what is art? and how art is deemed art? This new segment will embark on the perception of art. Last semester in my overview class, we discussion art perception and how that affects funding for the arts. In this segment, I want to explore art and its effectĀ on society. Thus, hopefully, connecting the above topics of black feminism and self-confidence and art… we will see.

In the meantime, I hope (seriously hope) that I am able to read the following books by the end of 2014. Here is my list:

Divided Sisters: Bridging the Gap Between Black Women and White Women

Black Feminist Thought: Knowledge, Consciousness, and the Politics of Empowerment

Sister Citizen: Shame, Stereotypes, and Black Women in America

At Knit’s End: Mediation for Women Who Knit Too Much

Curtsies and Conspiracies

I kept the reading light because of school. I plan to really read and study a lot. Who knows, with this research/readings, will, perhaps, develop my methodology and thesis. Who knows!

Why am I so interested in this topic? Why wouldn’t I be! The whole point of this blog is to explore the lack of diversity in the art world. I started this blog to detail my journey into this world that at times feels exclusives and unattainable. Although, starting my program in 2013, there was a great number of black females in my class, more than I expected, especially when I false started in 2010, there were only three (this includes me). How many will make it? Only time will tell. More importantly over three years, there was an increase in the community that this profession (art management, registrar, curators, etc) is viable and an option in the art world. However, we still have a long ways to go, only one black male in the class and this is a graduate program. Ideally, I would like high school students who are interested in art, but do not want to be creators, have the information about other position that are in this field. In hindsight, I think I am going to explore this as a thesis topic, possible book (maybe too presumptuous), of diversity in art management or diversity across the spectrum of art. Hum…

Anyhoo, what are your plans or goals for 2014? 2014!!! OMG!! Crazy… Sorry, I am an 80s baby and 90s kid; this is flipping me out that I am here in the year 2014!! Who knew! Anyhoo, good luck everyone with this year’s endeavors! I will try to write often and explore the topics above. In the meantime check out some suggested reading list on black feminism:

Happy New Year!!! šŸ™‚

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Sound Cool, huh? Well it is. After reading this article, I feel like my growing feelings for the future are justified. I think I have gotten to the point where, it is much bigger than race. With that said, I don’t mean to be ignorant towards race. It’s time to embrace and re-define race. Differences is what makes use unique. Embracing different what makes us strong and change for the better. I think this movement is about moving forward, together. It a step closer to world peace, who knows maybe we will get to the star trek ideology, in which money doesn’t matter and that we do things to advance or better humanity. Who knows? But I know, I want to be a part of the solution and not the problem. Or maybe I should rephrase, be a part of change from this system! Also watch a clip about race relations and the notice of black vs. African-American. I think they are interesting perspective on the identity of people of color. Ā Read the article and tell me what ya think.

P.s the last clips of awesome black kids metal band!!! And Sadly this show, is being cancel!!! šŸ˜¦ one of the best late night talk shows and platforms taking off the air for no reason. It was so good!!! I am outraged by this!!! Show support for W. Kamau Bell!!


P.P.S: Here is an art exhibition on the topic. Super interesting!


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30 years of little girls learning dance moves from music videos

Feminism and art. It’s a concept I rarely talk about on this blog. I think it’s time to address this topic. I was a women’s studies minor in college before switching to art history. I enjoyed my classes of Feminist Theory and understanding the Patriarchal Society. I also saw the flaws, like many causes, that plaque the feminist community. We continue to participate in the patriarchy and even model feminism after the patriarchy example. I realized that I was not a feminist. I care about women’s issues, but really I care about human issues. I am as Alice Walker states a “Humanist”. It’s a concept we don’t hear much nor completely grasp.

I love the blog Tall and Curly!!! She provides a much-needed voice for various topics. I hope she explores the topics of bi racial issues (not just in terms of hair) and internal/external acceptance. Girls today have this “weak” mentality and dependence that doesn’t make sense, especially with roles like TLC, Spice Girls, and Janet. It’s like these girls don’t have a strong role model. I recommend reading “When Chicken-heads Come Home to Roost: A Hip-Hop Feminist Breaks it Down” by Joan Morgan. This book was my deciding factor to explore feminism in my college years. This filled the void of what Angela Davis wrote about in “Women, Race, and Class.” This is also an issue in feminism, separation by race and/or class. We forget the larger system of patriarchy, which is far complex than what we imagine.

I have notice the increase sexuality in recent media as Tall and Curly notes and how this influences our girls as well as our boys. We tend to forget that girl empowerment affects boys as well. It affects our boys positively, it also restructures masculinity. Tupac, poet in my time, lay the most powerful quote I have heard in a long time, that real manhood is about love. We constantly battle with the question of misogyny and rape culture, well this is why. We, as people, allow this to be the standard and norm and call it entertainment. We don’t teach respect and love.

I often battle with sexuality, as far as acceptance and appropriateness. I don’t think our society should be completely devoid of sexuality; however, when does this sexuality cross the line. It’s an issues that bell hooks begins to analyze in her book “Art on my mind: Visual Politics,” in the discussion of black women media portrayal, sapphires vs mammies. Interestingly, I was just reading an article about black sexuality. Here is a link to it:

We as a people, have a long way to go. Once we realized that we are all connected and that we can change and grow we will begin to love each other. I changed my purpose in life to art promotion because art is power and needs to be harnessed for good. But this is just my opinion. Any thoughts?

P.S. Enjoy Tall and Curly! Love this blog!!!

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I amĀ frustrated!Ā I am so upset that I can not seem to find any scholarships or grants or fellowships to help with grad school for this upcoming fall. I am very discourage right now, about where to find or search for art-related scholarships/free money. I can find so much free money and greatĀ opportunitiesĀ for artist but for art historians, curatorsĀ or art administrations majors… it’s just non-existent. WTF!!! I will continue to search but this venture is becoming more and moreĀ desolate. šŸ˜¦


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“Death to Banksy”- Ryan McCann


I really want this! It’s just interesting because it explains, how the art world is changing and the craziness of who decides what is art? I love graffiti! But I love this print! lol It’s funny yet sad in the battle between mainstream and underground… but is the true question really about two mainstream figures battle until one need to die so the other can prevail? It’s like Highlander… “there can only be one!” lol It make you think. So I’m sharing this to the “world.” Enjoy. šŸ™‚

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