Dreaming of Bourges: My Words in French

04 Feb

How unique and interesting. I will follow up later on this topic of hair design, spirutuality, and connections later. Definitely interesting and inspiring.

Renegade Futurism

I just finished watching the The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Having recently watched the 1947 version with Danny Kaye in the lead role (and comparing that to Ben Stiller) I had my doubts. The new one looked too forced. It was boring at first until I found myself singing “ground control to Major Tom,” switching “Tom” with “Trice (my nickname),” and remembering swimming in the ocean a few miles from Waikoloa Village, walking under the Eiffel Tower, sleeping on a little round bed in Frankfurt (Germany), eating Tavuk göğsü (chicken breast pudding) in Istanbul, and now I want to visit Bourges (France) where people may find my essay, Ghost Nature, Art and the Secret Realities of an Object-Oriented Universe, translated to French for the Ghost Nature art exhibition currently on view in Chicago. The show moves to École nationale supérieure d’art de Bourges this spring.

In other words…

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