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Teaching the Arts to Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder

I wish I could take this workshop… please pass along!

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Dangerous Times Ahead (non Art related)

Normally, I try to stay politically neutral on social medias and what not; however, my own silence is killing me. I live in Philadelphia PA and on Friday the city just laid off almost 4,000 school employees, not to mention the closure of a least 23 school next year. All in poor neighborhood and mostly populated by black people. Philadelphia is one of the most segregated cities in this country. It’s separated by class and race… it is the saddest oppressive city I have seen. There are pockets of “equality” in the city; however, class plays a role into those models. What kind of messages are we sending to our children? What kind of message are we sending to the world? What is the American Dream anymore?


I went to public school from elementary to high school, then went to college to pursue the notion of getting out of poverty only to feel cheated out the “American Dream.” I sat by (as did you) and watch as corruption unfolded; bail out and bullshit deals made to protect these assholes, these thieves and corporate pushers. Meanwhile, I am making 30,000 salary but can afford to eat and pay bills or even living the bare minimum lifestyle because of the inflation in standard living. Shit keeps costing more and more, but I am still making the same as if it were the 90s (come on now). This is ridicules! Millions of Students came of out college from 2007-2012 in the worst economic times EVER… unable to find jobs and panicking on how to survive and paying a mound of loans, that want you to pay 500 a month, when you make 7 dollars an hour… that don’t give a fuck if your sick, unemployed, hungry, or even dead… they just want their money!!! on Time! Where is this American Dream that people die everyday to get here for, that people fought so hard to maintain, that we are so proud to exploit to the world? Where is that dream? I am an American, BORN here, and I have never experience this DREAM? Nightmares maybe…

On top of that a building collapsed in center city and L&I have been found partially the blame. What the media will not tell you that this is not the first time that L&I have made this horrible mistakes or lied about inspections or allowed a building to fall apart due to negligence and corruptions. I have been a victim of L&I and almost lost my life because of an inspections that never took place. The only reason why it’s got so much attention was because of the location. If it was in the heart of the worst ghetto in the city it would have been a blurb on the 11 pm news. Is this where our society/world is headed? Murdering for profit. I am so frustrated!! So Frustrated!!! I want to go to grad school, I enjoy learning… but in this country you have to accept that you will always be in debt and may always live in poverty. So what am I going to Grad School for? I am really loosing site of why I want to go to grad school. My original reason was to change my career because I am dissatisfied with my current path. I also want to be able to make more money to change my social-economical status. Now it seems like that may be unattainable… not sure, still questioning…

This morning, I hear about whistle-blower from NSA about American’s surveillance and where our cyber/world future is headed. All I have to say is WOW. I am shocked!! Truly shocked that this made it on the news and in main stream media. I am also stunned as too how to deal with this emotion that I feel… Anger. I am Angry… yet I don’t know what to do. I guess I am still working out how to stand up for my rights and my future… correction OUR future. I am tired of being silent and feeling hopeless because of how the world is changing for the worst. I think it’s time to take back some control! I know some of you may disagree… which is fine!! I just want a dialogue of these issues… BIG issues in our society openly discussed, explored, and researched. Bring back the true meaning of Democracy. Please read about these issues with our privacy and the horrific patriot act (which I knew at 17, when is was proposed into law, that this was the death of democracy and America). Make your own decisions…. (political rant over). 🙂

And for humor purposes but something to think about:

Remember we coming up in a dangerous time…


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