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Hey All, 

Back from my mini hiatus. I was working on my art movement section and was uninspired by the approach I was taking with the subject. I took a break to focus on getting back into school and other interests. I started a new blog… I know crazy. But it’s about my love of knitting and how I knit differently than most people. Check it out: I just want to give a little update on what’s going on. I have been re-accepted back into the Drexel program. YAY! I have been slacking on finding scholarships and other funding; however, I plan on doing a major research as well as documenting (on this blog, of course) the process. I am excited yet, bittersweet about the starting school. It’s anxiety, which I am professionally working through. I have changed a lot personally… I moved, which has made me much happier and hopeful for the future. I will revisit the art movement idea; however, I am still puzzled by what approach I will take and how in dept I want to be. Anyways, I hope all is well and stay tune for more posts! 🙂 

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