30 Jan

Love this! I know I been MIA just been super busy will have a long blog and tons of stuff to do for the blog! Thanks guys! Have a good week!

The LC Artorian

As a follower of Juxtapoz magazine, I am constantly updated on new artists and intriguing artworks through Facebook, Twitter, and other SNS. But one artwork immediately caught my attention the past week as I was screening through my newsfeed. At first I thought it was photography, and thought that the photo really did capture sensuality—if that was what the artist was going for. Then I saw the caption provided by Juxtapoz, “What we love about these photoreal drawings” and said, “What? Wait…” and clicked on the link in disbelief.

Well, there he was, in a photograph in the article, Diego Fazio creating these massive “photo”-like pencil portraits that are simply too amazing that I could not and still cannot get my head around the fact that they were drawings!

Having started off his art career as a tattoo artist, Diego Fazio has begun these awe-inspiring pencil portraits and spends…

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