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Love this! I know I been MIA just been super busy will have a long blog and tons of stuff to do for the blog! Thanks guys! Have a good week!

The LC Artorian

As a follower of Juxtapoz magazine, I am constantly updated on new artists and intriguing artworks through Facebook, Twitter, and other SNS. But one artwork immediately caught my attention the past week as I was screening through my newsfeed. At first I thought it was photography, and thought that the photo really did capture sensuality—if that was what the artist was going for. Then I saw the caption provided by Juxtapoz, “What we love about these photoreal drawings” and said, “What? Wait…” and clicked on the link in disbelief.

Well, there he was, in a photograph in the article, Diego Fazio creating these massive “photo”-like pencil portraits that are simply too amazing that I could not and still cannot get my head around the fact that they were drawings!

Having started off his art career as a tattoo artist, Diego Fazio has begun these awe-inspiring pencil portraits and spends…

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Discussion of Art and Social Practices

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Marjorie Susman Curatorial Fellowship

If only…

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Best IDEA EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's Knot You

Well, it’s finally almost fully finished and being used exactly as planned.

This is the story of my card catalog. After being washed down with stiff old towels cut into rags and Murphy’s Oil Soap, most of the grittiest dirt came off.  I was pretty sure I was not refinishing it and I’m glad I didn’t.  Sure, there are still some pencil marks and dents but it’s clean, useful, perhaps even charming with signs of years of use in the Cincinnati Public Library.  I love it.

I have it situated between the two windows of my room (man cave, studio, dressing room, whatever it’s being called).  I am not sure it’s the best spot aesthetically but it’s fine for now.  It’s a room with many different purposes that don’t always work together. That said, do I need curtains?  Because the windows look so naked.

Anyway, on top there are…

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It’s 2013

I cannot believe it’s 2013… However, I am excited because this is the year I change my life and stop making excuses. This month is my planning month, trying to organize and set reasonable goals. As far as art goes… trying to decide on my current education situation, which has permanently enter the procrastination mode. 

I began a journey in November 2012 of finding true happiness. So far I have slowly started letting go of things. But over the course of the year, I will begin to focus on my health, my hobbies, my dreams, and my goals. I have neglected these areas in my life too long. It’s time for a change. I will follow up with the Drexel program and will continue to research about being a curator  I think I have decided on a path for my life and I am ready to take that first step! 

What are you goals for 2013?

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