My Laziness

10 Dec

I am starting to believe that I have a serious problem with following through. It could just be self-loathing at this moment but I am not living up to the goals and obligations I had set forth for this blog. Sadly, I missed another first Friday event because of just having a bad day overall. I was supposed to go to the showing of Space 1026 Art Auction preview. It was a preview of all the pieces for the up coming auction on 12/14/12 and the space is located at Space 1026,1026 Arch St. 2nd Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19107. All I have to say is that I suck… just like the day suck. I know I am being extremely hard on myself but it’s true! I let small things keep me from my goals and education.

I am going through a withdrawn period, where isolation seems to be appealing to me. Perhaps it’s the winter month or just lack of change. A while back, I question my motivations or in general what should I do to motivate me to move forward. Then I think is this what I want to do? Like if I have the passion and the drive… why is it so difficult for me to follow through or network or get motivated. I just feel cluttered. Maybe I took on too much! Maybe I need to focus on one goal at a time.

So, because I am going through this period, I have decided to focus on research and discussion. I will revisit the first Friday idea at a later time. Sorry for the pathetic self-loathing and the excuses… just trying to be better!

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