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I realize what I want to do. It was so obvious and I have been too cluttered to notice. I want to be a curator. I love history and working with object. I like to come up with innovative ways for information to be relayed. I applied to the drexel program again and still have not heard back. I would like to apply for the curatorial practice program in California but that deadline is in January; I really would like to complete the drexel program. I also would like to plan more for the cuatorial practice program. Not sure what to do about my education. Hmmm still got a lot to think about.

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My Laziness

I am starting to believe that I have a serious problem with following through. It could just be self-loathing at this moment but I am not living up to the goals and obligations I had set forth for this blog. Sadly, I missed another first Friday event because of just having a bad day overall. I was supposed to go to the showing of Space 1026 Art Auction preview. It was a preview of all the pieces for the up coming auction on 12/14/12 and the space is located at Space 1026,1026 Arch St. 2nd Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19107. All I have to say is that I suck… just like the day suck. I know I am being extremely hard on myself but it’s true! I let small things keep me from my goals and education.

I am going through a withdrawn period, where isolation seems to be appealing to me. Perhaps it’s the winter month or just lack of change. A while back, I question my motivations or in general what should I do to motivate me to move forward. Then I think is this what I want to do? Like if I have the passion and the drive… why is it so difficult for me to follow through or network or get motivated. I just feel cluttered. Maybe I took on too much! Maybe I need to focus on one goal at a time.

So, because I am going through this period, I have decided to focus on research and discussion. I will revisit the first Friday idea at a later time. Sorry for the pathetic self-loathing and the excuses… just trying to be better!

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Cy Twombly: The Last Paintings

This will probably be the form of art I will never get. More to come on the complete breakdown of Abstract Expressionism.

New American Paintings/Blog

Cy Twombly
The Last Paintings
Gagosian Gallery, November 1 – December 22, 2012

Explaining Twombly’s work is a little like trying to explain Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. There is a stated formula and an equation that we are all readily familiar with but unless you  can decode the terms of the equation you are lost. Similarly we decode Twombly’s brush because it is his tool. For Twombly his equation was that paint was like language: it described the world rather than simply made pictures of it. – Michael Klein, New York Contributor

Cy Twombly | Untitled (Camino Real), 2011, Acrylic on plywood, 99 3/8 x 72 7/8 inches, 252.4 x 185.1 cm, © Cy Twombly Foundation (TWOMB 2011.0005)

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Dawn Black: Life as a Masquerade

Global Art Junkie

dawn-topofpostLouisiana-based Dawn Black examines the masquerades people employ to conceal their identities. Meticulously drawn in gouache, watercolor, and ink on paper, the figures in her Conceal Project span time periods and costumes in more than 200 postcard-size portraits of real individuals in masks, uniforms, haute couture and ceremonial dress.  She is on view at the Columbus Museum’s Yarbrough Gallery through February 2013.

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