13 Nov

I am so digging this modern abstract/expressionism art movement. I wasn’t always a big fan of this art medium. I never got into Jackson Pollock or Sam Gilliam. I did not really see the value in this art form. However, with the modern take and my personal growth in the art world, I see the the purpose for art like this. I went back and re-looked at Sam Gilliam’s April 4, 1969 and understood the sadness in the colors saturation and how this related to the Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. It’s funny how things come full circle. Enjoy! 🙂

New American Paintings/Blog

It’s been far too long since I posted pics from our neighboring galleries in Boston’s South End. There is a lot to see, but three exceptional shows this month that I wanted to share. First, I stopped by Howard Yezerski to see the Sam Trioli show, Brumaire. Then, a quick jog to Carroll and Sons to see the Ambreen Butt’s Beyond The Ideas of Rightness Or Wrongness There Is A Field, I’ll Meet You There. I wrapped up the quick morning stroll by taking some photos at Steven Zevitas Gallery, which happens to adjoin our offices here at The Open Studios Press. On exhibit here are drawings by Kansas-based artist, Michael Krueger. – Andrew Katz, Associate Publisher

Ambreen Butt at Carroll and Sons

After the jump you’ll see pictures and a little more about each exhibition. Be sure to click on the images for larger views.

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