Curating on a phone? Is this good for art but bad for curators?

31 Oct

There is a very interesting Article on Art Daily that people using check out the link is below:

This is even more interesting due to my recent research into curatorial practice graduate school in California. I really want to move to California but is this the right time in my life to uproot from PA. I find myself wondering when will it ever be right. I am still interested in the Drexel Program ,but I can help but wonder should I shoot for California. I have been leaning towards completing the Drexel Program and attending the California program in 2015 or 2016. I just need time to personally and educationally get things together. But the article makes me think about this as a marketing scheme and not so much as a museum interaction tool. I wonder what will be the role of a curator in the next 10 years? Can this tool be used in America for smaller museums for more visibility? I really think this App is just the beginning of merging technology with retro museum practices. Hmm… Can you say inspired! Enjoy!

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