Art Movements- Introductions

30 Oct

Hello All,

This is a segment dedicated to increasing my knowledge of the various Art Moments. Although I have a minor in Art History, there are movements and periods that are not discussed in school. I was inspired to do this segment due to my graduate school set backs and wanted to developed a thesis or background research about art movements and it’s interactions with nonprofit and the art market. I also want to attempt to define, “what makes a movement a movement or a period a period?” It’s the age-old question of “what makes art, ART?” After four years of college, four years at an art school, and four years of life after school, I am still challenging academia in regards to what is art and who determines this value? I hope that it is entertaining and educational.

The format for this segment is as follows:

The Movement

Common Definition

Famous Example

Modern Example


Is this Art Worthy?

So I did a Wikipedia search (where all great ideas start) and found that there are over 120 movements. I am going to attempt each week to present one or two movements in the format listed above. I will also have listed references as well as copyright information for any photos used. With all new projects there might be some kinks to work out, bear with me!

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