The highs and lows of Graduate Education

03 Oct

I have been pursuing a masters in Art Administration for the past three years. I have faced every inconceivable obstacle, that prevents me from taking even one class. But this time I have gotten very close and determine to complete this program. I have a firm belief that things happened for a reason. I know now, that I was not ready to start school this year… and the universe showed me just how unprepared I was. Although in the past, I would have been devastated and given up. But I been through a lot of Bullshit! (sorry for the language, but it’s true!). Now I have more knowledge and perseverance to pursue my dreams. I have always been a great motivator for others, but never for myself. I don’t want 2013 to be a downer like 2012 or the years after graduating from college. I think I have reach a point in my life, where I just want to be happy and do something I enjoy.

This year it a time to move forward. I am going to get out there and be active. I am going to focus my energy. Stop this continuous cycle of being scattered and disorganized. There are three areas of the art world I would like to pursue, own/direct a gallery, art criticism/magazine writer, and direct a non-profit organization. Figuring out how I am going to volunteer or interned working 40 hours a week and the weekend is going to be tricky. But it’s worth it!!!!!

Books readings at the moment:

The Anti 9 to 5 Guide: practical career advice for women who think outside the cube by Michelle Goodman

Seven Days in the Art World by Sarah Thornton

Networking for people who hate networking: A field guide for Introverts, the overwhelmed, and the underconnected by Devora Zack

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