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Landed the Job

So I got the job! I am the new weekend manager for the American Swedish Historical Museum. It is only part-time but it is awesome and definitely learning as well as gaining experience. Today is my official first day… Which is going. It’s very quite and the finnish class is the only ones in the building. Now my goal is learn more about Swedish history. Very very much intrigued after explore (indept) the Museum. But I am very elated about this job. So pumped. But still focusing. But for now going to relax. Been really anxious lately not sure why? Maybe just nerves. Dirty nerves. Anyhoo, just wanted to give you guys an update.

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Happy New Year!

So it has been a decent start to the new year. I interviewed for an art position (part-time) yesterday. I think and hope it went well. I find out if I got the position sometime next week. But I had a great holiday and looking forward to this year! Hopefully thing will start to look up. But I have been slacking in my general research department. However, I have been working on some of my yarn projects, knitting and crocheting. Trying to accomplish my first blanket. I’ll post pictures as soon as it is done. Keep Ya Posted about the job and other art ventures… Happy New Years!!!






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