06 Dec

So this is a long over due update. I have been skipping a few step… But not without being advised. I have applied for a job that seems promising. I’m not going to discuss it further because I don’t want to jinx it!

I am still continue to follow my original step. So if no job offer manifest, I will still be on my hustle. This has been a bad week. A lot of health issues and just laziness. But I think the main issue I have is nervousness. I never realize how much of an introverted person I am until after watching a blog about introverts and extroverts. I always chucked it up to laziness or not “reaching my full potential.” But it is a slight aversion… because I want this so bad, I am scarred I might succeed. It’s sick I know, but I am trying to overcome it. However, still working on the first step.

However, I am in the mood for creative motivation. I am considering buying a book that would help with either my networking skills or give an insight to the market I want to be in. Due to budget constraint, I can only purchase one book. What do you think?

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