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“Death to Banksy”- Ryan McCann


I really want this! It’s just interesting because it explains, how the art world is changing and the craziness of who decides what is art? I love graffiti! But I love this print! lol It’s funny yet sad in the battle between mainstream and underground… but is the true question really about two mainstream figures battle until one need to die so the other can prevail? It’s like Highlander… “there can only be one!” lol It make you think. So I’m sharing this to the “world.” Enjoy. 🙂

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Holidays and Some Progress

So.. This holiday has been really interesting. Been having a lot of family issues that I (alone) need to address. Being the oldest child really sucks!  But anyhoo, I did manage to apply to some art related jobs and have an interview. It’s a start… It’s part-time, so I’ll still have the main source of income. I really hope I get it, need to feel motivated and progressive. I have just been feel very low and stagnant,lately. Just gross! But Hopefully this holiday will pan out! But I am excited for January due to TOOL!!! So Happy. For those that don’t know (shame on you) Tool is a rock band that is just amazing and I will be seeing them for the first time in January. So Pumped!!!! But until later.. HAVE A GREAT HOLIDAY!!!!!



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Was Meant to Be…. :(

So as you probably guess from the title, I didn’t make it to the interview phrase. It’s unfortunate because I really thought that I would have the opportunity to interview and get the job. It was a great transition job… oh well. I will follow up with the registrar of the organization for pointers and suggestion to boost my resume as well as land an interview. Just wanted to keep you guys posted. Fun side note! It was Diego Rivera’s B-day 23 minutes ago! reading Frida Kahlo’s biography at the moment. Just want to point that out and I googled my self… and this is what I found!

Portrait (Roberta Johnson Roensch) by Alice Neal

Copyright information from

I read a lot about the artist who lived an interesting life. Born 1900, she lived a fascinated 84 years. I would like to read a book on her, due to the censorship and bias opinions of the internet. But I’m pretty sure the book won’t answer the looming questions of her daughter’s relationship and the stability of her mental health. But I thought I would share…. Enjoy!

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So this is a long over due update. I have been skipping a few step… But not without being advised. I have applied for a job that seems promising. I’m not going to discuss it further because I don’t want to jinx it!

I am still continue to follow my original step. So if no job offer manifest, I will still be on my hustle. This has been a bad week. A lot of health issues and just laziness. But I think the main issue I have is nervousness. I never realize how much of an introverted person I am until after watching a blog about introverts and extroverts. I always chucked it up to laziness or not “reaching my full potential.” But it is a slight aversion… because I want this so bad, I am scarred I might succeed. It’s sick I know, but I am trying to overcome it. However, still working on the first step.

However, I am in the mood for creative motivation. I am considering buying a book that would help with either my networking skills or give an insight to the market I want to be in. Due to budget constraint, I can only purchase one book. What do you think?

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