First Step

26 Nov

As the title suggest… this is my first step to getting into the Art World. I start this blog to document my journey and create a form for black art professionals. I tried to search for sites or blogs that have the same topic, just to gain perspective and to network. But that did not happen. Thus leading to this blog. It’s my first blog to bare with me!

I am a 25 year-old African-American Female from Philadelphia,PA. I went to Penn State University and studied Criminal Justice with an emphasis on Pre-Law and minored in Art History. I took me two years to figure out that I want to go into the art world. It has taken me three years to accept it and try to break in. I am the first person in my family to go to college and complete it.  Needless to say I had no idea what I was doing or currently doing. I feel like I am been thrown into this world of college graduate and what to do with my life. In college, I did a college intern at the school museum and loved it! It was the only time in my life where I felt at peace. Now I stand a 25 with no recent experience on my resume, school debt up to my eyeballs, and bills bills bills bills. Currently I am working as a Clinical Evaluator at Family Court… in short I evaluate people for chemically dependency for family court cases. It’s an interested job; however I crave more! So much more!  One of my plans to “Break In” was to transition in the arts but with a social science background. For instance I wanted to work for the Mural Arts Program, which is a program committed to arts and works within the criminal justice field. However, it is not gone that way. My second plan was to go back to school and get a masters in art collection or art history or art administration. So I applied and got into Drexel’s Art Administration Program. EXCITING!!!!!  If I started on time or even started… Financial issues. Hopefully I will start in Fall 2012. Now it’s just planning to get experience and transition into the market. But where to start when you work 42 hours a week. My evening and weekends are free so I thought galleries or the Freeman’s Auction House. So I got an internship interview at the auction house and it went well. However, always a however or a but or an although, time got into the way.

But I am a fighter! Thus creating this blog to get off my ass and to stop making excuses for not doing what I want. So I looked for a mentor with a similar background and still no hitters but I will continue to look. So…. Step One:

Getting an internship or Volunteer at an art institution

Step Two:

Do trainings…. hopefully free or within a budget (so POOR lol).

I’ll start from here. So I will post back in a week to update on my progress of the First Steps. Any thoughts or Comments are appreciated. Please be gentle I am not a strong writer and sometimes come off a little dimwitted.

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